Photo Credit: Valerie Anselme

Photo Credit: Valerie Anselme

Hi, I'm Sabrina Boyd, creator of Living Room Marketing. I'm a music nerd and perform acoustic shows for my two cats on occasion. I listen to new music every day, and I want to help artists that excite me, because I believe they deserve to be heard. I can't keep quiet about the music I love, so let's use that to your advantage.

I discovered the industry side of music through radio. I became the Music Director of WBRU in Providence while attending Brown University. When I realized I could have a job that involves listening to new music and sharing it with others, how could I do anything else? I went on to be Assistant Music Director at in Boston. When WFNX and its parent company, indie newspaper the Boston Phoenix, went under, I bounced around between a few stations in Boston before making a move I had always wanted to make: with the goal of getting closer to the first steps of making music and developing new artists, I enrolled in the Music Industry Leadership Master's program at Northeastern University. It was there that I discovered my knack for marketing, reading consumers and understanding how they relate to music. I became the connector between artists and their listeners, understanding at the same time both the creative musical elements and what makes people want to listen.

A job in digital marketing and merchandise at Universal Music Group brought me to Nashville, where I fell in love with the buzz of Music City. Eventually, I felt the need to break out on my own and work with developing artists in this community, and with that, Living Room Marketing was born.

I've worked with rock, R&B, and country artists - see some of my past work here - while also listening to pop, Americana, Broadway musicals, and anything that makes me feel. I'm always on the lookout for new music, so please, let me listen to yours!

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