LRM Artist News: Steel Blossoms Find Out What It Takes to Be "Country Enough" (Video)

We've added a new artist to the LRM family: country duo Steel Blossoms, originally from Pittsburgh and now living in Nashville.


Sara Zebley and Hayley Prosser moved to Nashville in 2014 and have been playing together non-stop ever since, both at local bars and at house concerts around the country. Their Year Number One EP, released in October 2015, reflected on their first year here in Nashville. To represent year number two, they released a new album, Country Enough, on November 1, 2016, and brought in the LRM team to help spread the word.

Together, we went down to Broadway to find out what it takes to be "country enough" for today's music fans. We asked locals and tourists on their way to the honky-tonks what they think of country music, both new and old country, and how it has changed over the years.

The album's title track, "Country Enough," expresses the duo's struggle to find a place for their sound in today's modern, more pop-influenced country.

"When we wrote that song, we wrote it because we personally felt like there was something missing from the music we were listening to," Hayley says. "So we decided to team up with somebody who writes that kind of music to get a little bit of each opinion in there."

Their co-writer on the track, Arkady Gelman, typically writes more modern country songs, along with pop, R&B, and rap. Sara says that Arkady brought a different perspective to the song and played the "middle man between the two opinions."

"We started a conversation in our write about how we struggle to follow the formula, and either Hayley or I said, 'well maybe if we rapped, we would be country enough,' and that's where the song started."

Of course, there is a place for modern country music, and our experiment on Broadway showed that, as well.

"People love country music so much," Sara remarked after the interviews, "and they love it for different reasons."

Country Enough  is available now through the  Steel Blossoms web store .

Country Enough is available now through the Steel Blossoms web store.


In addition to "Country Enough," the album features touching songs like "How To Grow," a message from a daughter to her father; clever, playful tracks like "Twenty Something," a song about life as a millennial; and the heartwrenching lead single, "I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore," which the girls released on iTunes in May 2016.

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These girls are super close to their fans and are writing personal thank-you notes to everyone who buys the album, so make sure you go to their store to buy a CD.

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Special thanks to Matt Surka for helping us film and edit this video!