Twitter Is Giving You Your Moment

On September 27th, Twitter opened up a new feature to the public: now anyone can create their own Twitter Moment.

If you haven't explored Moments yet, log in to Twitter and click the little lightning bolt in the top menu (or bottom menu on mobile). You'll see curated selections of tweets about the biggest current events.

As of last week, you don't need to have a news-breaking event to have your Moment on Twitter. You can create your own Moment to share with your followers.

Have you ever seen a blog or business post a social feed on their site during an event, showcasing attendees' posts alongside their own? This is kind of like that. It's also kind of like a Snapchat or Instagram story. It's also kind of like sending out your own custom news feed.

So what can this do for you?

The most important opportunity Moments offer, as I see it, is the ability to showcase your fans' posts and reactions to your event. An event can be a concert, an album release, an announcement, a studio session, or your day at the mall, whatever your fans will react to. You can have a conversation with them on Twitter, pull it into a Moment, and share that piece of time, in real-time and after it has passed.

Here's an example of a Twitter Moment for Netflix's Gilmore Girls celebration at pop-up Luke's Diners across the country:

Moments are a great way to get involved in a live conversation without posting only your own opinions or having to come up with a ton of content to post yourself. Make a Moment for a festival you're going to, or an awards show you're watching. Make a Moment for the next Presidential Debate, if you're into talking politics. Moments also let you broadcast the fact that people are responding to you and talking about your music.

What you can't necessarily do is get your Moment featured in Twitter's highlighted Moments feed. "Some of the best Moments may be eligible to appear in the Moments tabs within Twitter’s main navigation," Ash Read at Buffer explains, which means your Moment would have to be pretty big to make it in. It's likely that some smart PR firms are already promoting artists to Twitter for this purpose, but working that angle on your own would be tough.

Still, the new Moments can be a strong promotional tool, and coming in early on a trend is a great way to make your mark! Give it a try!

Have you created your own Twitter Moment? Still have questions about it? Start a discussion in the comments below!